Surplus Property

Surplus Property

Surplus Property are lands deemed by the County as surplus and are available for purchase from county residents via a sale process. For more infomation about the process or current property contact the Jefferson County Planning Department

Click here to view Jefferson County Purchasing Policy

Current Surplus Property: 

To obtain a complete bid packet, click the property from the list above or obtain a complete bid packet by requesting one from:
Jefferson County Planning Department
445 W. Palmer Mill Road Monticello, Fl. 32344

Upcoming Surplus Property: 

  • Case #: 2101; Prop ID-13744; 282 N. Forest Court
  • Case #: 1704; Prop ID-10020; River Road
  • Case #: 1705; Prop ID-10063; Yunok Road
  • Case #: 1707; Prop ID-7546; Amos Road

Closed Surplus Property: 

  • Prop ID-11558; 1170 Sage Street-Sold July 2022
  • Prop ID 2555-13 Moody Road-Sold April 2022
  • Prop ID 3069-Greater Elizabeth Road-Sold March 2022
  • Prop ID 7170-Waukeenah Highway-Sold December 2021