Downtown Monticello Visit historic sites such as the 1890 Perkins Opera House.
“Perkins Block” was built in 1890, still standing and hosting entertaining productions The Watermelon Festival is the highlight of community activities in Jefferson County. Started over 50 years ago to recognize the watermelon growers of the county Lloyd Railroad Depot built in 1858, is the oldest brick station in Florida. It was given to the Jefferson County Historical Association in 1968 and serves as the lloyd city post office The Palmer-Perkins House - c.1836
The Monticello Historic District features 42 19th-century buildings within 27 blocks The Jefferson County Courthouse - 
The Icon and Staple of Jefferson County

Welcome to Jefferson County, Florida          **New Announcements/Events**

The Jefferson County BOCC will discussing the Monument at the Courthouse on Aug. 6th, 2020.  The Commissioners want to hear your thoughts please email your comments to to ensure your voice is heard. 

Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting: Aug 6, 2020

**Click here for Virtual Meeting Information**
August 6th, 2020 at the Emergency Management Operations Center
169 Industrial Park Rd. Monticello, FL 32344
     a) Approval of the Agenda
     b) General Fund/Trans. & Rd. Bond Vouchers for Approval: 7.2, 7.16, 8.6.2020
     c) Grant Application submittals-We Care Network Recommended $2000, Summer Camp not Recommended $0.00 
4. General Business:
     a) Citizens Request to discuss the removal of the Monument on the Courthouse Square.  Comment from the Chairman:
           Due to the large interest from the public to speak in an open forum about the future of the monument at the Courthouse, I’m suggesting only a brief discussion this evening. We will schedule a special meeting dedicated to this subject at a later date when in person meetings resume. 
     b) CARES Act 1st Wave of Distribution- Clerk Reams
     c) Self-Assessment Ordinance allowing subdivisions the ability to develop projects larger than individuals could pay for alone.
     e) First Hearing Comprehensive Plan Map Change
     f) NextEra Negotiations, Commissioners are being requested to select the appropriate staff member to carry out future discussion.
     g) Place the Streets on the Road Improvement Plan- Dixie Dr., Florida Ave., Tennessee Ave., Alabama St., Mississippi St., Carolina St., Susanna St., Mamie Scott Dr.,
     h) Housing Change Order-Joseph Hankins: $3000, Lewis Anderson: $22,542, Doris Ford: $13,900
     k) County Wide Mask Requirement Discussion
      l) Public Access Channel-Comm. Hall
5. Citizens Request & Input on Non-Agenda Items (3 Minutes) 
6. Clerk of Courts- 
7. County Coordinator- 
8. County Attorney- Waukeenah Highway Resurfacing Litigation 
9. County Commissioner Discussion Items- 
10. Adjourn- 
From the manual “Government in the Sunshine”, page 40: Paragraph C. Each board, commission or agency of this state or of any political subdivision thereof shall include in the notice of any meeting or hearing, if notice of meeting or hearing is required, of such board, commission, or agency, conspicuously on such notice, the advice that if a person decides to appeal any decision made by the board, agency, or commission with respect to any matter considered at such meeting or hearing, he will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose he may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.
                          **Documents are also available for review at the Planning Dept. 445 W Palmer Mill Rd. Monticello, FL 32344**

 Please see the attached letter from the Jefferson County Health Department for more information

For the latest information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)  in Jefferson County please visit  

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Restore Act: Information on a Direct Component Multiyear Plan Narrative
State Expenditure Plan 
(Please note that the Jefferson County State Expenditure Plan (SEP) starts on Page 189 if using a .PDF reader, page 167 printed.  The funding sequence is on page 505 if using a .PDF reader, page 483 printed.)

Jefferson County Mosquito Control

Need your yard sprayed and want to be on the list?  Follow the steps below:
       1.  Call (850) 997-0287
       2.  Leave a message with your name,
           * Address to be sprayed and,
           * If you have a gate, a phone number the can be called for our Spray Technicians to have the gate opened.
           * We will call when we are on our way to your home, so you can open the gate.  If the gate is closed, we will not open it and your yard will not be sprayed at that time.
**Please note that the Spray Technician is require to stay on existing travel lanes and are not allowed to venture onto unmarked travel areas.  This is to protect the homeowner and the driver so as to not damage personal property such as septic tanks and to avoid getting the trucks stuck on soft or wet ground. 

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  • Jefferson County Economic Development: JCED is committed to assiting companies, site consultants, and investors in finding the right site for their business. We also help existing businesses to thrive and grow. 
  • Local Grant Programs: Jefferson County Small Grant & Non-Profit Grant information and instructions to submit applications
  • Employment: Information on current and upcoming job openings appears here 
  • Mosquitoes: Helpful tips to reduce the numbers of mosquitos in your area,  
  • Volunteer Application: Interested in becoming a Jefferson County Volunteer
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PLEASE NOTE: All current and new property owners in Jefferson County should be aware that Land Development Regulations are applicable to all types of development including subdivisions of property and the construction of buildings (regardless of type) or other improvements such as driveways and power poles. All subdivisions of land require approval in accordance with the Land Development Code. Verification of approval by the Planning Department should be obtained prior to the recording of all new deeds at the Clerk of Courts Office. If property ownership is conveyed without approval, future owners may not be able to obtain a building permit.Please contact the Planning Department office prior to any action to be taken or for answers to any questions related to land use or the subdivision of property. Building and other types of permits will not be issued for any site without issuance of a Development Permit from the Planning Department. Please visit the Planning Department page for more information.