County Manager

County Manager 

County Manager's are Knowledgeable of general governmental operations and have expertise in the field of management. By a general approach to all county operations, the Manager can eliminate duplication of effort, avoid conflict of interest, and encourage harmony, cooperation and morale among the diverse agencies. The result of the Manager's work is efficiency in effecting county government.

County Manager Shannon Metty Serves as Chief Administrative Officer of Jefferson County Government and maintains responsibility for administering all departments under the general control of the five member Board of County Commissioners.

The Duties of the County Manager are as follows:

  • To be the Administrative Head of the County Government for the Board of County Commissioners,
  • To see that the orders of the Board are faithfully executed,
  • To attend the meetings of the Board and make recommendations to it,
  • To appoint, with the approval of the County Commissioners, and to remove such Officers and Employees as the Board may consider necessary, except Officers and Employees who are Required To Be Elected or Whose Appointment is Otherwise Provided For By Law,
  • To perform other duties as may be required of him by the Board,
  • Prepare an Annual Budget in Cooperation with the Clerk of Courts,
  • Supervise all County Departments, to view click on selection:
  •   Annual Report 2015-16         
  •   Annual Report  2014-15
  • Serve as Personnel Director

The Manager's Office also serves as the Section 504 Housing Coordinator and Mosquito Control Director.

Jefferson County Mosquito Control

Need your yard sprayed and want to be on the list?  Follow the steps below:
1.  Call (850) 997-3343
2.  Leave a message with your name,
    * Address to be sprayed and,
    * If you have a gate, a phone number the can be called for our Spray Technicians to have the gate opened.
    * We will call when we are on our way to your home, so you can open the gate.  If the gate is closed, we will not open it and your yard will not be sprayed at that time.
** Please note that the Spray Technician is require to stay on existing travel lanes and are not allowed to venture onto unmarked travel areas.  This is to protect the homeowner and the driver so as to not damage personal property such as septic tanks and to avoid getting the trucks stuck on soft or wet ground.

For more information or further assistance please contact:

1484 S. Jefferson St  Monticello, Fl 32344
850-997-3083 (Office)