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Our Motto:  It's Easier (& less expensive) to get Permission than to get Forgiveness!

Our mission is to:
1. Provide professional planning services to the citizens, developers, and government officials of Jefferson County.
2. Assist our citizens in their efforts to comply with federal, state, and local regulations enacted for
protection of the overall public
and welfare when obtaining construction and development permits.
3. Ensure all efforts of the Department are directed toward enhancement of the existing and future quality of life in Jefferson County,

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All current and new property owners in Jefferson County should be aware that Land Development Regulations are applicable to all types of development, including subdivisions of property and the construction of buildings (regardless of type) and/or other improvements, such as driveways and power poles.
All subdivisions of land require approval in accordance with the Land Development Code. Verification of approval by the Planning Department should be obtained prior to the recording of all new deeds at the Clerk of Courts Office.
If property ownership is conveyed to another entity without the appropriate Planning Department approval, the future property owner(s) may not be able to obtain building or other construction permits. 
Please contact the Planning Department office prior to taking any action, or for answers to any questions, related to land use or the subdivision of property. Building and other types of permits will not be issued for any site without issuance of a Development Permit from the Planning Department.


The following are informational Pdf files available here for viewing, printing, and download - click on the underlined links below:

  • The 2015 Jefferson County Land Development Code (Adopted 10/20/2015) 
    Special Note: Current Land Use Regulations do not require an applicant for any type of subdivision to provide a title opinion for properties to be subdivided (except for Recorded Plats); however, the Planning Department strongly recommends a title opinion be provided. When there are multiple names listed as owners of a parcel, ALL owners must sign ALL applications, etc., or legally appoint a representative authorized to act in their behalf.
  • The “Vision Plan for a Sustainable Future - Jefferson County, FloridaVolume IVolume IIVolume IIIAppendix
  • The 2025 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN (adopted 02/02/2012) is available HERE
  • The 2025 FUTURE LAND USE MAP (adopted 02/02/2012 and labeled 2011) is available HERE and you can view the Future Land Use Categories of properties on the GIS map on the Property Appraiser's Website:
    1. Click on the link above.
    2. When page opens, click on the green box that says "GIS Map".
    3. When the map is showing, there is a box to the right of the map with three tabs at the top (Layers, Parcel Info, Tools).
    4. Click on the tab labeled "Layers" and then check the box that says "Future Land Use".
    5. Zoom to the area of interest.
  • For information regarding the Jefferson County Planning Commission and Code Enforcement Board: click here. 

 Planning Commission Meeting Schedule:  The Jefferson County Planning Commission does not meet every month; however, when they domeetings are generally scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM, on the 2nd Thursday of  each month.  All meetings are advertised a minimum of 10 days (but not more than 30 days) prior to the meeting dates. Meetings are scheduled for:

  • Public Hearings regarding development applications,
  • Public Hearings regarding the adoptions of ordinances,
  • Workshops. (Workshops are generally scheduled to occur either after "regular" meetings or as separate meetings at other days/times, which also will be advertised. 

Agenda of upcoming meetings are available at the Planning Department office at the beginning of each month. Minutes of past Planning Commission Meetings are available at the Planning Department office. To receive a copy of the agenda of upcoming Planning Commission meetings, please send your email address to and/or to be added to our monthly email list.
(Note: please resubmit your email address if you were on the list prior to August, 2015 - our previous list was lost. A new list has not yet been generated as of April 7, 2016.)

Development Applications - Processing Timeframes:  Applications for developments may be submitted at any time; however some applications require approval by the Planning Commission or the Board of County Commissioners.  For a development project to be scheduled for action by either/both Commissions, a complete application and the related fees must be submitted by the first day of the month prior to the scheduled Public Hearing.  This time is required for processing, evaluation and public notification before the application is placed on the meeting agenda. For example: all applications must be submitted on the first day of the month of January for action by the Planning Commission at a Public Hearing on the second Thursday of February.  If a project requires approval by the Board of County Commissioners, the Public Hearing for the Board of County Commissioners action will normally be third Tuesday of the month following the Planning Commission Public Hearing.  All notification letters and advertisements must reflect these meeting schedules.
Important Notes:  A Development Permit must be issued for ANY development - including ANY type of building permit. - An applicant is strongly encouraged to request a pre-application meeting with the Planning Department staff to ensure the applicant is aware of all Land Development Code (LDC) and permitting requirements, including compliance with environmental permitting regulations of the appropriate Water Management District (Suwanee River or Northwest Florida). - The applicant must provide a copy of their Deed to the property and may be required to provide a Boundary Survey, indicating the locations of all existing improvements and delineation of wetlands and flood zones, prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor for Permit Applications.  (If the applicant is not the owner, legal authorization to represent the owner must be provided)
For developers and interested citizens:  There are many regulations affecting the use and development of land. In addition to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code, there are rules and regulations set forth by various departments of the State of Florida and the U.S. government, including FDEP, EPA, FDOT, NWFWMD, SRWMD, FWC, etc.  Please visit the Planning Department Informational LINKS page for links to the agencies listed above. General Information: Administrative procedures are outlined in the Land Development Code in Article Nine.

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Application Forms
(All application forms should open in a new browser window)

NOTE: Major Development Applications are not available online. A pre-application meeting is required for all proposed Major Developments and the application forms and actual submittal requirements may vary depending upon the size and type of development.
Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment or Land Development Code Text Amendment: There is no formal application form for either of these requests. If you have a request for a change to existing language or a suggestion for additional language in either document, you should call, email, or meet with the Planning Official to discuss the proposed change and determine the appropriate amendment process.

Applications requiring Planning Official Approval:

911 Address Application - Business/Home Business Permit Application - Non-Residential Minor Development Application
Road and Driveway Permit Application  Staff Review Minor Subdivision  (Lot Split - Family Subdivision - Minor Replat - Minor Subdivision - Boundary Adjustment) - Temporary Use Permit Application

Applications requiring Planning Commission Approval

Variance Application Form  -  Communications Tower Application Form
These require review by the Planning Official, who makes a recommendation to the Planning Commission to approve, approve with conditions or deny the application.

Applications requiring Planning Commission and BOCC Approval

 Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment To change the Land Use District designation of one or more contiguous properties (example: Three landowners with a combined 125 acres wish to change their three contiguous properties from Agriculture 5 to Residential 
Street Name Request/Change Application Form  This application requires three (3) names to be submitted (in order of preference) for review by the Planning Official. Proposed names should not be duplicates or sound close enough to be confused with any existing public or private road in the county (including the City of Monticello). The Planning Official will make a recommendation to approve the proposed first choice of the applicant that meets the appropriate eligiblity requirements.
Petition for Abandonment (County-owned Property, Road R/W, or easement)


The NWI is available online at When ready to use the mapper, you may have to scroll down the page to find and click on the box labeled "Click Here to Open the Wetlands Mapper". After clicking on the "red box" you will see a map  and there will be a white box near the upper right corner of the page. Type in an address "XXXX Streetname, City, State" (You can substitute the zipcode for typing out the city/state). In the box that says "Available Layers", make sure there is a checkmark in the box before Wetlands. When ready, click the button labeled "Find Location" and the map will zoom  to the address. If you need to zoom out, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the slidebar at the far left of the page.

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