Our mission is to provide professional planning services to the citizens, developers, and government officials of Jefferson County for protection of the overall public health, safety and welfare of all Jefferson County citizens and to ensure all efforts of the Department are directed to enhance the future quality of life in Jefferson County, Florida.

Contact Information

Jefferson County Planning Department
445 West Palmer Mill Road
Monticello, FL 32344
Fax: 850.342.0225

Bill Tellefsen, Planning Official
Diana Bullock, Planner II

A Draft of the Land Development Code is available here.

Visioning Final Plans available for viewing Here: Volume I; Volume II; Volume III; Appendix

The adopted 2025 Comprehensive Plan is available here. The adopted 2025 (Labeled New 2011) Future Land Use Map is available here.

For Information regarding the Jefferson County Planning Commission and the Jefferson County Code Enforcement Board, click here

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule
The regular scheduled Planning Commission Public Hearing meeting date is the 2nd Thursday of each month. Special meetings and workshops may be scheduled at other times, which will be advertised prior to the meeting dates.

Agenda of upcoming meetings are available at the Planning Department office at the beginning of each month. Minutes of past Planning Commission Meetings are available at the Planning Department office.

To receive a copy of the agenda of upcoming Planning Commision meetings, please send your email address to Diana Bullock to be added to our monthly email list.

All current and new property owners in Jefferson County should be aware that Land Development Regulations are applicable for all types of subdivisions of property, even a "Simple Lot Split". Please note that Planning Department approval should be obtained prior to the recording of all deeds with the Clerk of Courts Office to ensure that all properties are in compliance with the Jefferson County Land Development Code. If property ownership is conveyed without this approval, future owners may not be able to obtain a building permit. If there is any action to be taken or any question related to land use or the subdivision of property, please contact the Planning Department office. Building permits will not be issued for any type of site without clearance from the Planning Department through the issuance of a Development Permit.

Application Processing Timeframe
In order for a development project to be scheduled for action by the Planning Commission, a complete application and the related fees must be submitted by the first day of the month prior to the scheduled Public Hearing. This time is required for processing, evaluation and public notification before the application is placed on the meeting agenda. For example, all applications must be submitted on the first day of the month of January for the Planning Commission Public Hearing on the second Thursday of February. If the project is a Major Development, the Public Hearing for the Board of County Commissioners will normally be one week after the Planning Commission Public Hearing. All notification letters and advertisements must reflect these meeting schedules.

Applications for Subdivisions and Site Plan Reviews must be submitted on the first working day of the month.

Important Notes:

  • A pre-application meeting at the Planning Department will be required for ALL subdivisions and site plans to ensure the applicant is aware of all Land Development Code (LDC) and permitting requirements.
  • A Development Permit must be issued for ANY development - including ANY type of building permit.
  • The applicant must provide a Deed to the property and a Boundary Survey, including the locations of all existing improvements and delineation of wetlands and flood zones, prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor for ALL Permit Applications. (If the applicant is not the owner, legal authorization to represent the owner must be provided)
  • ALL subdivisions of three (3) or more lots will be required to obtain an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) or exemption letter from the appropriate Water Management District (Suwanee River or Northwest Florida).

For developers and interested citizens
There are many regulations affecting the use and development of land. In addition to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code, there are rules and regulations set forth by various departments of the State of Florida and the U.S. government, including FDEP, EPA, FDOT, NWFWMD, SRWMD, FWC, etc. Please visit the Planning Department Informational LINKS page for links to the agencies listed above.

Many of the files below are in pdf format and will require the free Adobe Reader to view them.

General Information
General Definitions, Permitted Uses by Land Use Category, Table of Development Standards, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application FormModifications to subdivisions or site plans, Required SignsRequired Public Hearing NoticeRequired Mail Notice

Development Procedure Information
Procedures for Applications approvable by the Planning Official (Simple Lot Split, Minor Replat, Family Subdivision, Minor Subdivision - 5 Lots or Less) - Procedures for Developments approvable by the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners - Procedures for Home Occupation Permits

Application Forms:

Planning Official Approval: Non-Residential Minor  Development Application Form - Staff Review Minor Subdivision Application Form  (Note: This Application form covers Lot Split - Family Member Subdivision - Minor Replat - Minor Subdivision, 5 Lots or Less - Boundary Adjustment process)- Home Occupation Application form - Unity of Title Application - Temporary Use Permit Form
Planning Commission Approval:  Variance Application Form- Communications Tower Application Form
Planning Commission / BOCC Approval:  Major Development Application Form - Street Name Request / Change Application Form

Jefferson County Land Development Code
The Land Development Code is divided into the 9 chapters as shown below. The links are to pdf files to read with your browser, save to your computer, or print on your printer. NOTE: These files are updated when there are changes to the Land Development Code as a whole or in part, with the most current update for each chapter shown.

Article 1
Updated: 10/20/05
General Provisions
Article 2
Updated: 10/19/07
Land Use & Vegetation
Article 3
Updated: 10/20/05
Article 4
Updated: 10/20/05
Resource Protection
Article 5
Updated: 7/19/07
Development Design &
Improvement Standards
Article 6
Updated: 3/01
Article 7
Updated: 10/20/05
Hardship Relief
Article 8
Updated: 10/20/05
Boards & Agencies
Article 9
Updated: 10/19/07
Administration & Enforcement

Special Note: Current Land Use Regulations do not require an applicant for any type of subdivision to provide a title opinion for properties to be subdivided (except for Recorded Plats), however, the Planning Department strongly recommends a title opinion be provided. When there are multiple names listed as owners of a parcel, ALL owners must sign ALL applications, etc., or legally appoint a representative authorized to act in their behalf.


Future Land Use Categories of Properties
Are available on the maps on the Property Appraiser's Website

Click on the link above and click on the green box that says "GIS Map". When the map is showing, there is a box to the right of the map with three tabs at the top. Click on the tab labeled "Layers" and then check the box that says "Future Land Use".

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