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   Administrative Assistant Kathy Lollar 
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Planning Commission Meeting: March 17, 2020 
Workshop: LDC Laguage Update Section 2.9.0 Transportation/Utility

 Please contact the Planning Department office prior to taking any action, or for answers to any questions, related to land use or the subdivision of property. Building and other types of permits will not be issued for any site without issuance of a Development Permit from the Planning Department.

NOTE: Major Development Application forms are available here online; however, A pre-application meeting is required for all proposed Major Developments (and suggested for all other applications) and the application forms and actual submittal requirements may vary depending upon the size and type of development.
See the Jefferson County LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE; Article 9; Section 9.1.4. Designation of Plans as Minor or Major Developments to determine your development type.
Regarding either a Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment or Land Development Code Text Amendment: There are no formal application forms for these requests. If you have a request for a text amendment (a change to existing language or a suggestion for additional language) in either document, you should call, email, or meet with the Planning Official to discuss the change and the appropriate approval process. 

Please click here to review each application 

The following are informational Pdf files available here for viewing, printing, and download - click on the underlined links below:
2025 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN (Adopted 02/02/2012)
FUTURE LAND USE MAP (Adopted 02/02/2012) 
Note: Upon opening the above pdf document, there is a lengthy Table of Contents. Your cursor will change from an arrow pointer to a hand with pointing finger. Scroll (wheel works best) to the subject you wish to read and left-click the pointer to go to that subject (it will be at the top of the page).
The LDC contains nine Articles (Chapters) and we tried to make it somewhat like a handbook.
   ARTICLE 1 (General Provisions) Purpose, Objectives, and Definitions of terms used and what activities require permits.
   ARTICLE 2 (Land Use) Types of uses by category & allowable uses in each.
   ARTICLE 3 (Concurrency) Levels of Service of Comprehensive Plan elements.
   ARTICLE 4 (Resource Protection) Environmental features and protection.
   ARTICLE 5 (Development Design) Design of site plans and subdivisions.
   ARTICLE 6 (Signs)
   ARTICLE 7 (Non-Standard Development) Non-Conforming Developments and Variances.
   ARTICLE 8 (Boards and Agencies) Planning Department, Official, and Commission.
   ARTICLE 9 (Administration) Development Permits and procedures.

Special Note: Current Land Use Regulations require an applicant for any subdivision/site plan approval to provide a current recorded deed upon submittal of an application. When there are multiple names listed as owners of a parcel, ALL owners must sign ALL applications, forms, etc., or legally appoint a representative authorized to act in their behalf.


Planning Commission Meeting Schedule: The Jefferson County Planning Commission does not meet every month; however, when they do, meetings are generally scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM, on the 2nd Thursday of each month. All meetings are advertised a minimum of 10 days (but not more than 30 days) prior to the meeting dates. Meetings are scheduled for:
     1. Public Hearings regarding development applications,
Public Hearings regarding the adoptions of ordinances,
     3. Workshops that are generally scheduled (& advertised) to occur after "regular" meetings or as separate meetings.

Agenda of upcoming meetings are available at the Planning Department office.

Jefferson County Planning Commissioners, click here

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(This Plan was developed as a studio project of the Florida Planning and Development Lab at Florida State University’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Each link is a separate pdf file.)
The NWI is available online at When ready to use the mapper (choose “Wetland Mapper VI), you may have to scroll down the page to find and click on the box labeled "Click Here to Open the Wetlands Mapper". After clicking on the "red box" you will see a map and there will be a white box near the upper right corner of the page. Type in an address "XXXX Street name, City, State" (You can substitute the zip code for typing out the city/state).