Who's Who

Who's Who in Government Boards and Bodies?

Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners
Meets at the Courthouse the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m and the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Benny Bishop, District 1
John Nelson, District 2
Hines Boyd, District 3
Betsy Barfield, District 4
Stephen Walker, District 5

County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Chief Financial Officer 
Kirk Reams - 850-342-0218 ext 232
Tyler McNeill, Chief Deputy Clerk / Human Resources - 850-342-0218 ext 231
Christa Genre, Accounts Payable - 850-342-0218 ext 241

County Attorney
T. Buckingham Bird

County Coordinator
Parrish Barwick - 850-342-0287

County Judge
Robert R. Plaines - 850-342-0191

Supervisor of Elections
Marty Bishop - 850-997-3348

Property Appraiser
Angela Gray - 850-997-3356

Tax Collector
Lois Howell-Hunter - 850-342-0147

Sheriff's Office
Sheriff David Hobbs- 850-997-2523

Planning Department
Bill Tellefsen, Planning Official - 850-342-0223
Diana Bullock, Planner II, Development Code Admin - 850-342-0223

Building Department
Wallace Bullock, Building Official - 850-342-0223
Kathy Lollar, Inspections, Permits & Licensing - 850-342-0223

Emergency Management
Carol Ellerbe, Coordinator - 850-342-0211

Emergency Services
Mark Matthews, Chief - 850-342-0182

Extension Service
John Lilly, Director - 850-342-0187

Health Department
Kimberly Allbritton - 850-342-0170
Jackie Stubbs, WIC - 850-342-0167
Mark Positano, Mosquito Control - 850-342-0170

Public Library
Kitty Brooks, Director  - 850-342-0205

Recreation Department
Michael Holm, Manager - 850-519-6640

Road Department
David Harvey - 850-997-2036

Solid Waste & Recycling
Beth Letchworth, Director - 850-342-0184

Veteran's Affairs
Oliver Bradley - 850-342-0176

Jefferson County Planning Commissioners
Meets at the Courthouse Annex the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Corwin Padget, Chair, District 3 
Appointed by Jerry Sutphin in September 2005

Roy Faglie, Vice Chair, District 4
Appointed by Felix "Skeet" Joyner on October 1, 1998

Bud Wheeler, District 1
Appointed by J.N. Tuten on January 8, 1998

Marianne Arbulu, District 4
Appointed by Betsy Barfield on Julyr 15, 2014

C.P. Miller, District 2, (District 3 resident)
Appointed by Gene Hall (approved by BOCC)  November 2, 2006

Thomas H."Bobo" Chancy, District 5
Appointed by Danny Monroe in September 2007

John Floyd Walker, District 5
Appointed by Danny Monroe in November, 2004

currently vacant, District 2
Appointmee to be designated by Gene Hall

currently vacant, District 3
Appointmee to be designated by Hines Boyd

Jay Adams, District 1
Appointed by Stephen Fulford on December 15, 2011

Scott Shirley, Attorney

Bill Tellefsen, Planning Official

Diane Bullock, Planner II

Monticello City Council
Meets at the City Hall the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

George Evans, Group 1
Tom Vogelgesang, Group 2
Idella Scott, Group 3, Mayor
John Jones, Group 4
Gerrold Austin, Group 5
City Attorney - Bruce Leinback - 850-997-3503
City Clerk - Emily Anderson - 850-342-0153
City Superintendent - Steve Wingate - 850-342-0253

Monticello LPA (Local Planning Agency)
Meets at the City Hall the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Rick Anderson
Mike Bonfanti
Steve Rissman, Chair
Nancy Wideman
Tom Dunn

Jefferson County District School Board
Meets at the district school office the second Monday of each month at 5:00p.m.

Phil Barker, District 1
Sandra Saunders, District 2
Shirley Washington, District 3
Larry Halsey, District 4
Charles Boland, District 5
School Superintendent - Al Cooksey - 850-342-0108 ext. 222
School District Attorney - T. Buckingham Bird - 850-342-3503

Suwannee River Water Management District
Dr. George Cole, Board Member

United States Senators
Marco Rubio - Washington Office 202-224-3041, Tallahassee Office 850-599-9100 
Bill Nelson - Washington Office 202-224-5274, Tallahassee Office 850-942-8415

United States House of Representatives
Steve Southerland, 2nd Congressional District - Washington Office 202-225-5235, Tallahassee Office 850-561-3979
Ander Crenshaw, 4th Congressional District - Washington Office 202-225-2501, Jacksonville Office 904-598-0481

Florida Senate
Bill Montford, 3rd District - Tallahassee Office 850-487-5003

Florida House of Representatives
Halsey Beshears 7th District - Monticello Office 850-342-0016

Where Do You Go For Licenses & Permits ?

Auto Tags -> Tax Collector
Building Permits (City & County) -> City/County Building Inspector
Driver's Licenses -> Tax Collector
Fishing License -> Tax Collector
Hunting License -> Tax Collector
Land Use Variances -> Planning Commission
Marriage Licenses -> Clerk of the Court
Passport -> Clerk of the Court
Retail Sales License County -> Building Inspector / City of Monticello -> City Hall
Septic Tank Permits -> Building Inspector, Health Department
Well and Water Use Permits -> Water Management Districts, Building Inspector, NRCS

Where Do You Go For Registration and Enrollment ?

Deeds and Property Records -> Clerk of the Court
File for Elective Office -> Supervisor of Elections
Greenbelt or Ag Land Use -> Property Appraiser
Immunization -> Health Department, District School Office
Probate and Wills -> Clerk of the Court
Selective Service -> US Post Office, Monticello
School Enrollment -> Schools, District School Office
Voter Registration -> Supervisor of Elections

Jefferson County Government