Who's Who

Who's Who in Government Boards and Bodies?

Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners
Meets in the Courthouse Annex at 435 West Walnut Street, Monticello at 6 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month (unless otherwise scheduled).

Chris Tuten, District 1: Chairman
Eugene Hall, District 2
J. T. Surles, District 3:
 Vice Chairman
Austin Hosford, District 4 
Stephen Walker, District 5 :  

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Chief Financial Officer 
Kirk Reams - 850-342-0218 ext 232
John Stephens, Human Resources Directory - 850-342-0218 ext 231
Nikki Salls, Accounts Payable - 850-342-0218 ext 241

County Attorney:   
Heather Encinosa and Staff

County Manager
Shannon Metty - 850-342-0223

County Judge
Robert R. Plaines - 850-342-0191

Supervisor of Elections
Michelle Milligan - 850-997-3348

Property Appraiser
Angela Gray - 850-997-3356

Tax Collector
Lois Howell-Hunter - 850-342-0147

Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Alfred "Mac" McNeil- 850-997-2523

Planning Department
Shannon Metty,  Planning Official - 850-342-0223

Building Department
James Kaufman, Building Official - 850-342-0223

Emergency Management
Coordinator, Paula Carroll - 850-342-0211

Emergency Services
Derrick Burrus, Chief - 850-342-0182

Extension Service
John Lilly, Director - 850-342-0187

Health Department
Kimberly Allbritton - 850-342-0170
Jackie Stubbs, WIC - 850-342-0167
Diana Bullock or Christie Newell, Mosquito Control - 850-997-3083

Public Library
Natalie Binder, Director  - 850-342-0205

Recreation Department
Michael Holm, Director - 850-519-6640

Road Department
Tom Kisamore, Road Superintendent - 850-997-2036

Solid Waste & Recycling
Robbie Slack, Director - 850-342-0184

Veteran's Affairs
Alvin Swilley-850-464-8456

Jefferson County Naming Committee
District 1: Denise Vogelgesang
District 2: George King
District 3: Leslie Raybon
District 4: Karen Purser
District 5: Richard Roberts
County Manager: Shannon Metty

Jefferson County Planning Commissioners  Meets at the Courthouse Annex the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  
Jacqueline Seabrooks, District 1-Appointed by: Stephen Fulford in December 2019
Bud Wheeler, District 1-Appointed by J.N. Tuten in January 1998
Althera Johnson, District 2-Appointed by Gene Hall in January 2022
Kimberly Odom, District 2-Appointed by Gene Hall in July 2021
Byron Arceneaux, District 3-Appointed by JT Surles in July 2018
Michael Schwier, Chair, District 3-Appointed by Hines Boyd in May 2015
Roy Faglie, Vice-Chair, District 4-Appointed by Dr. John Ward in October 1998
Jessica Lane, District 4-Appointed Betsy Barfield in March 2022
Thomas "BoBo" Chauncy, District 5-Appointed by Danny Monroe in September 2007
John Floyd Walker, District 5-Appointed by Danny Monroe in November 2004
Heather Encinosa, Attorney
Shannon Metty, Planning Official

Monticello City Council
Meets at the City Hall the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

George Evans, Group 1
Troy Avera, Group 5,  
Julie Conley, Group 3  
John Jones, Group 4 
Gloria Cox, Group 2-Mayor
City Attorney - Bruce Leinback - 850-997-3503
City Clerk - Emily Anderson - 850-342-0153
City Manager - Seth Lawless - 850-342-0293

Monticello LPA (Local Planning Agency)
Meets at the City Hall the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Rick Anderson
Mike Bonfanti
Steve Rissman, Chair
Nancy Wideman
Tom Dunn

Jefferson County District School Board
Meets at the district school office the second Monday of each month at 5:00p.m.

Gladys Roann , District 1
Willie Ann Dickey, District 2
Brenda Wirick, District 3
Bill Brumfield, District 4
Magdalen "Mags" Flynt, District 5
School Superintendent - Eydie Tricquet - 850-342-0108 ext. 222
School District Attorney - George Tom Reeves - 850-342-0100

Suwannee River Water Management District
Bradley Williams, Board Member

United States Senator
Marco Rubio - Washington Office 202-224-3041, Tallahassee Office 850-599-9100 

United States House of Representative
Neal Dunn, 5th Congressional District - Washington Office 202-225-0123

Florida Senate
Corey Simon

Florida House of Representatives
Jason Shoaf & Allison Tant