Mosquito Control

 Jefferson County Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control: "Stop the Breeding of Mosquitoes"

Need your yard sprayed and want to be on the list? 

Follow the steps below:
       1.  Call (850) 997-3343
       2.  Leave a message with:

           * Your name
           * Address to be sprayed
           * If you have a gate, a phone number the can be called for our Spray Technicians to have the gate opened.
           * We will call when we are on our way to your home, so you can open the gate.  If the gate is closed, we will not open it and your yard will not be sprayed at that time.

**Please note that the Spray Technician is require to stay on existing travel lanes and are not allowed to venture onto unmarked travel areas.  This is to protect the homeowner and the driver so as to not damage personal property such as septic tanks and to avoid getting the trucks stuck on soft or wet ground.